DomFindr - Find expired Domains (Dropped & RGP Domains)
...which already have a past and therefore a value and backlinks! provides you a large number of expired/dropped & expiring (RGP) domains for free! The advantage of these domains is, that they already have a value and backlinks in search engines like Google, because they have already provided content in the past. Such domains help you and your new web project to a successful start!

What are Expired/Dropped & Expiring Domains?

Every day will more than 1000 domains of individuals, businesses & Organizations deleted. Often have these domains already backlinks, a good ranking in search engines and also provide a amount of visitors. The use of deleted domains, especially if these are topic relevant, improving the launch of your new website significantly, or your existing Web project gets a better ranking and better visibility in search engines by using 301 redirects.
There are 2 types of deleted domains: The domains are already deleted and can immediately be re-registered, and the expiring domains (RGP domains), which can be re-registered after the expiry of a waiting period. RGP domains have generally the greatest values!

The advantages of these domains at a glance:

  • No backlink building at 0
  • Existing ranking in search engines
  • Long availability in the Google Index
  • Disclosure of the domain value via 301 redirects

What offers

  • Daily over 1000 deleted and expiring (RGP) Domains
  • Multiple search functions: Search for domains that your ideas and wishes correspond!
  • Detailed information of each listed domain, so you can assess the quality and their benefits better
  • E-mail notifications for status changes of listed RGP Domains
  • Domain Watchdog: Let you informed via email about deleted domains that contain specific keywords.
  • Links for more reviews of Domains
  • Everything is free!